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Each Niche Package On This Ultimate PLR Sale Includes:

* A 10,000-word eBook

* 25 Articles in the same niche

* A Fast Action Guide that gives salesletter help in the niche such as headlines, bullet points, some sample sales copy etc.

* A Product Analysis Guide that includes keyword research, Adwords data, potential new titles and more.

* Plus all my personal members training guides which were only for my customers' use.

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Package #1

Downloadable by all Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Customers

  • Arthritis & Pain Relief
  • The Twitter Craze
  • Kitchen Remodeling Secrets
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Planning Your Summer Vacation On A Budget
  • How To Become A Nursing Assistant
  • Cleaning Up Your Credit
  • Living With An Alcoholic In Your Life
  • Is The pH Miracle Diet Right For Me
  • Spy Gadgets
  • Homeschooling Your Child
  • Making Candles At Home For Cash
  • Essential Oils
  • Everything a New Mother Needs to Know about Breastfeeding
  • Finding A Job In A Recession
  • Foreclosure Short Sales
  • After School Activities Your Kids Will Love
  • Making Your Thanksgiving Party a Success
  • Massage Therapy
  • Webkinz
  • Buying Timeshares In A Down Economy
  • Recession Proofing Your 401k
  • Data Recovery
  • Care Options For Your Elderly Parents
  • 40 Day Guide To Planning Your Wedding
  • Growing Fruit Trees
  • How to Start A Fishing Charter Business
  • Adopting A Child
  • Viral Ipod Video
  • Setting Up Your Perfect Home Theater
  • Starting A Lawn Care Business
  • Dirty Air, The Air You Breathe
  • Hunting For Newbies
  • Work At Home Moms
  • Tattoos What You Need To Know Before You Get One
  • The Exciting World of Radio Control
  • Work At Home Moms Part 2
  • Wart Removal The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
  • Living With Acid Reflux
  • Your Own Affiliate Program
  • Wedding Games & Activities
  • Travelling to Europe & Staying Safe
  • Improving Your Brain Power
  • Choosing The Right Golf Clubs
  • Healthy & Safe Food Preparation
  • First Class Upgrade
  • Becoming A Dental Assistant
  • The Newbies Guide To Wine & Spirits

Package #2

Downloadable by all Silver, Gold, and Platinum Customers

  • 101 Ways to Advertise Your Business Online and Offline
  • Eliminating Pet Odors From Your Home
  • Getting Grants And Scholarships
  • Blogging For Branding
  • Grant Writing From Home
  • Making Money On Craigslist
  • Breeding Koi For Fun And Profit
  • Private Schools Vs Public Schools
  • Online Education And Training
  • How To Save Money When Shopping Online (Internet Bargain Hunting For Beginners)
  • Selling Your Car On eBay For Profit
  • Choosing A Weight Loss Plan
  • Ideas for a Birthday Party Your Child Will Never Forget
  • Starting Your Own Yahoo Store
  • Clear Your Cedit Card Debt
  • Getting Your Book Published
  • Forex Profits
  • Finding Lost People
  • How To Start Your Own ScrapBooking Business
  • Greenhouse Gardening
  • Travel For Business
  • So You Want To Work In Sports Medicine
  • Home Remedies
  • Easy Auto Leasing
  • The Total Beginners Guide To Yoga
  • Planning Your Wedding
  • Buying A Boat
  • How To Apply For And Get College Scholarships
  • How To Start A Catering Business
  • Mountain Biking Madness
  • Buying Homes In Foreclosure Auctions
  • Tips To A Better Sex Life
  • PrePaid Legal Explained
  • Preparing to take your SAT test
  • How To Sell Your Product On ClickBank
  • Focus On Yachting
  • How To Work In Hollywood
  • Begginers Guide To Day Spas
  • Credit Counseling To Lower Your Debt
  • Planning Your Trip To Paris
  • Recording Your Own Album
  • Finding A Feline Friend
  • Raising Japanese Maples For Profit
  • What To See On Your Trip To London
  • Making Your Own Wine
  • How To Start Your Own Daycare Business
  • Flipping Houses For Profit
  • Planning For St. Thomas

Package #3

Downloadable by all Gold, and Platinum Customers

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Best Marketing Strategies
  • Streamlined Internet Marketing
  • iPhone
  • Google Adsense For Blogs
  • Understanding And Supporting Customers
  • Making A Feature Film
  • Hiring Virtual Workers
  • Clickbank Blogging
  • Paso Robles Wineries
  • Internet Business Legal Options
  • Liking Facebook Ads
  • Domain Name Investing
  • IT Essentials & Data Recovery
  • Work At Home Time Management
  • Home Swimming Pools
  • Better Blogging
  • Your Own Online Magazine
  • How To Start Your Own Day Spa
  • Mobile Business Empire
  • Adsense Marketing Cash Flow
  • Lapband Surgery
  • Success In Business
  • Creative Marketing Tactics
  • Make 2011 Your Best Year Ever
  • Work At Home Options
  • Planning Your Trip
  • Mobile Phone Profits
  • Clickbank And Social Media
  • WAHM Freelancer
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Create An Authority Site With Articles
  • Affiliate Gold
  • Publish On Amazon Kindle For Cash
  • Social Media Explosion
  • CPA King
  • Podcasting In 2011
  • Time Released CPA
  • Getting Viral
  • Super Affiliate Status
  • Trial Order Management
  • Traffic Now
  • Web Video For Businesses
  • Generating Online Visitors
  • JV Marketing King
  • Writing Articles
  • Mobile Trend Marketing
  • Supplements For Health

Package #4

Downloadable by all Platinum Customers

  • For The Love Of Cats
  • Crafting For Cash
  • Affiliate Cash 2013
  • Motivation University
  • Home Schooling 2012
  • Internet Marketing Legal
  • Staying In Touch
  • Smoking Is So Last Year
  • Online Marketing Startup
  • Talking Success
  • The Basics Of FX Trading
  • Retire In Style
  • Email Martketing Update
  • Getting LinkedIn
  • Do It Yourself Private Eye
  • Home Security
  • Leveraging Clickbank
  • Fountain Of Youth
  • Resale Rights Strategies
  • Outsource It
  • Secure Your House
  • Writing Your Own Book
  • Teleseminar Marketing
  • Storage Wars
  • Backlink Basics
  • Childcare Home Business
  • Green Energy Now
  • Before You Rent
  • Mobile Phone Advertising Profits
  • Internet Safety For Kids
  • Copywriting Starters
  • Setting Up Your Website For Success
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Download Empire
  • Your Business Startup
  • Sales Strategies That Win
  • Massage Mastery
  • Internet Niche Marketing
  • Look Into My Eyes
  • A New Better You
  • Movies At Home
  • Save Your Smoking Money
  • Online Marketing Kick Start
  • My Medical Career
  • Say No To Home Office Stress
  • Owning Online Success
  • Plans To Get Married
  • Social Media Marketing

Tons Of Training

You get all of my proprietary member training guides with full source code.

You can edit and resell these training manuals as your own.

I have many months and thousands of dollars invested in the creation of this top level Internet marketing training material.

You can use it in your own training and on your own websites when you order your copy of my website.

You get these manuals from my member training area and more all with source files!

- Sales Letter Customization Crash Course
- Physical Product Profits
- PLR Quick Start
- Market Multiplier Quick Start
- 4 Step Action Plan
- 5 Tips To PLR Profits

These are my own in house created training manuals that showed my members how to monetize this content, the value here is huge.

Re brand these and use them in your business, your customers will love you for it!

Tons Of Content

This Membership Website has 48+ months of content included that you can start drip-feeding to your customers today. There are 192 separate Niche Product Packages in the Platinum Package that includes a total of over 4.5 million words of extremely high quality content included in the members area.

Each Niche Package also includes 25 articles that average 550 words per article. This is a combined total of 4800 articles weighing in at over 2,640,000 words of content!

Resell this content as it is, or use it to add into your own new products. There is so much content here you can do almost anything.

- Use it as video scripts
- Mash Up New Books
- Generate Leads
- Create New Products For WSO's
- Create New Websites For Flippa

The possibilities of all the ways you can profit from this content is endless! I'll share my top ideas with you in a bonus video!

An Instant Business!

This is a true Instant Business

I have spent close to $144,714.00 Dollars creating this evergreen content over the past 48 months.

I have made over $226,0035.00 with the exact member site that you get a full copy of.

You can drip feed all the content as it is in your re-branded version of my member site, or reposition the content into a new member site. I will include my top ideas on all the ways you can monetize my massive investment in the creation of this content.

The only thing you can not do is resell my member site to anyone else, or allow your members to sell rights to the content to others.

Only the few people that order their license directly from me here today will be able to sell rights to the massive library of content.

So you have PLR and Master Rights, your customers will have rebranding rights if you choose to give them those rights.